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Response to Rick Ross’s Personal Attack on Me

I want to respond to Rick Ross’s attacks on my ethics and professional work counseling people in need. Initially I tried to ignore his inappropriate and completely inaccurate accusations but it has gotten out of hand. What is especially saddening is that we are supposedly both fighting the same battle.

Of course there are some differences between Rick Ross and myself and I wonder whether his perception of those differences may not be part of the problem. Unlike Ross, I’m a trained mental health professional, former cult member, author of two well-received books, and have nearly three decades of experiencing people who have been harmed by destructive mind control.

As for the accusations, my current fees are not $500 as Ross claims. I charge half that for an hour of counseling and have done so for quite some time. In response to his suggestions that I am unethical in my dealings with clients, I want to assert that I abide by the ethical guidelines of my professional organizations including the American Counseling Association. Every person I have ever worked with has known what I charge in advance and has agreed to it. In recent months, in accordance with the new federal HIPAA guidelines, clients must sign a written contract that discloses all necessary information, if they wish to work with me.

It is up to my clients to decide if they wish to spend the money to help their loved one, and what they are willing to pay for my services. To my knowledge no one has lost a house because of me.

Ross failed to call my office and inquire about my fees. He simply sent emails, faxes, and certified letters in an accusatory tone, which I decided to have my lawyer deal with because I feel my time is better spent helping those in need.

Finally I would like to add that I have done an enormous amount of pro bono work over the past 27 years. Also, I charge less for counseling former members who have difficulty paying my fees. I provide a sliding scale for former members when necessary, and also have arranged long term, no interest payment plans.

I hope this clarifies the situation. I’d like to thank those of you who have come to my defense. I trust that Ross will now remove the Freedom of Mind Resource Center from his list of groups, a place it never, ever belonged.

Steven Hassan M.Ed LMHC




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