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Posted by – 2010/07/29

philip corner – three pieces for gamelan ensemble

thrums and rumbles without ever becoming ominous. the less aware you are, the more pleasant it becomes. discreet music. live performance would be a different experience.

philip jeck – 7

campus-seclusion burial, stripped of all urban imperatives. melodies shimmer in the distance. buzz and crackle cannot obscure heavenly melodic resonance, even more satisfying are the occasional forays into deeper waters. now you can let go is halfway between turntablism and plunderphonics – drama derived from the re-structuring of off-kilter source material.

ellen band – 90% post-consumer sound

performances informed by the spontaneity of field recordings and the sensibility of musique concrete. the microtonalities of radiatore conjur up childhood rattlings stripped of impatience; xenakis kidnapped and left in chains. railroad gamelan is an edit of railside recordings. swinging sings is a duet for violins. the diverse methodology produces uniform results – Das Wohltemperirte DAT.

chris watson – stepping into the dark

cabling ultra-sensitive mics over long distances, the better to remove the recordist from the picture, allows watson to create field recordings of enchanted places. this album is a midnight stroll in a strange land, and almost impossible to listen to piecemeal.

geir jenssen – cho oyu 8201m (field recordings from tibet)

biosphere (disguised as a mountaineer) takes his recording equipment into the tibetan highlands. unlike watson, there is a life and a particular experience at the heart of these recordings, which are studies less than they are mementoes. nonetheless, their very richness makes them rewarding – startling and unusual juxtapositions are strewn throughout, supported by the conceptual crutch of the climb.

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  1. n2j3 says:

    you little bastard! ty

  2. ytz says:


    uncle is grumpy today.

  3. n2j3 says:

    hey, I wasn’t grumpy. I inflect lil bastard like Louise does in this clip, cute not grumpy. Pulling was such a great series btw :D

  4. apfrod says:

    I just keep listening to “returnal” lately. thought i was gonna have to ask for some recommends.
    ta v much!

  5. ytz says:

    nick, never watched pulling. i always miss bbc 3 stuff.

    paul, glad they’re useful. couldn’t find a link for ellen band but that stuff is on spotify. really liked the railroad gamelan track – especially after listening to phil corner

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