Demonological Graffiti

Posted by – 2010/09/24

I take the pedestrian underpass every day on the way to work. A nice stroll by itself, and a metaphorical passage from a disheveled just-off-the-bus lulled-to-sleep-by-mp3-player self to a fully-functioning, alert, ready and willing keyboard monkey.


underpass - clicky for full size

The underpass has always been adorned with exquisite graffiti , that is until the day the municipality, hot on the heels of elections, decided to wipe the slate clean. Now if I were a toy (a newbie) graffiti writer I’d salivate and snap my fingers at the idea of a freshly painted thirty by 2.5 meter surface with no cameras and scarcely any traffic after 5pm. Ergo, right now and post-massacre, it’s full of half-arsed throw-ups and tags, a work in its infancy, for as I’m led to believe, graffiti equilibrium is best reached when left to its own devices; skilled writers enjoy the liberty of writing over their toy counterparts, and conversely, toys respect a good piece and would not tag/write over it. [ If you have a Darwin tag in wildstyle snapshot, here is the place to put it.]

A day or two ago I notice 3 new ‘pieces’ that stood out from the rest. I shall call them “The Demonological Toy Murals” .They’re so funny. They’re bilingual. They’re probably the work of a 14yo that discovered the Key of Solomon and sought to universalize his findings to both native and tourist alike. Enjoy.  And be warned;  69 demons to go.







2 Comments on Demonological Graffiti

  1. ytz says:

    great. i want to see how this develops.

    ghostbusters on standby.

  2. n2j3 says:

    Demons must be really mad, somebody sprayed over Vine last night. A séance to appease them will take place at midnight (obviously) GMT+3 , at the hot-dog parlour by the underpass.

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