Axel 2.4 for Windows

axel at work

Axel tries to accelerate HTTP/FTP downloading process by using multiple connections for one file. It can use multiple mirrors for a download.

Wilmer van der Gaast is the upstream author of Axel. Y Giridhar Appaji Nag and Philipp Hagemeister are the current maintainers.

Axel is the only accelerator I like using, and the one that maxxes out my slow-as-molasses adsl connection. It is one of the oldest out there, so you will find it in the repositories of virtually every linux distro you can imagine.

What happens if you’re forced to, or actually enjoy, using windows though? I couldn’t find it in the cygwin repos or anywhere else on google-territory, so I compiled it (35K executable) and bundled it with the necessary cygwin runtime (2MB !!) for your perusal. It works out to 900KB, and to approximately 3MB decompressed. If you have space to spare, download from: link just counts downloads)

To use, decompress those 2 files in your favourite directory (preferrably somewhere in your path) and download away:

Usage: axel [options] url1 [url2] [url...]

–max-speed=x -s x Specify maximum speed (bytes per second)
–num-connections=x -n x Specify maximum number of connections
–output=f -o f Specify local output file
–search[=x] -S [x] Search for mirrors and download from x servers
–header=x -H x Add header string
–user-agent=x -U x Set user agent
–no-proxy -N Just don’t use any proxy server
–quiet -q Leave stdout alone
–verbose -v More status information
–alternate -a Alternate progress indicator
–help -h This information
–version -V Version information

md5 sums:
df396d53ca2ff61f96f2ad9489ca5bfb axel.exe
bc68345f873de78310d324320e82fe65 cygwin1.dll

virustotal report, for the paranoid few: click here


48 Comments on Axel 2.4 for Windows

  1. seco says:

    why the -a not effect in the cmd windows,tks.

    • LENIN says:

      Change the width of cmd window to 100 or more, and -a will work.

      To those who uses axel in scripts:
      I’m using axel as a downloader out of a perl script, so I had to change the width of the default perl window like this:
      run->type perl->change the width the usual way and save for “future window with same title” – the second option. Now perl scripts open in a wider window and axel -a works as it’s supposed to.

  2. knktc says:

    the same question as seco, I can only use the option -a in powershell window, but not cmd window.

  3. n2j3 says:

    I wish I could help you guys but I have no idea, especially since it seems to work in powershell. What does pshell have that cmd doesn’t?

  4. […] here to download axel for Windows or visit Click here to download wget for Windows or visit […]

  5. PtoZ says:

    how do set if there is proxy server for windows

  6. PtoZ says:

    how do u set if there is proxy server for windows

  7. Yogesh D says:

    Thanks for port .. it made my work easy

  8. […] on OSX with Axel and a simple applescript. Well it looks like someone has compiled Axel on Windows ( . I went ahead and created a very simple frontend for it. Feel free to download and try it […]

  9. I wrote a frontend for windows to sit on top of what you created. I hope you think it to be as useful as Axel by itself.

  10. Atul Khanduri says:

    When i m trying to download it shows an error “Too many redirects”……
    What to do???????

    • Use axel for Linux
      the dude did not post over the axelrc & that’s kind of the config file for axel & some settings can only be set from that file & not the Command line.
      there could be a redirects setting in that file, if not then you would have to edit the source code for the redirects.

  11. Atul Khanduri says:

    When i m trying to download anything using axel then it shows an error “Too many redirects”……
    What to do???????

  12. Atul Khanduri says:

    Can i resume my downloading in axel??

  13. Justin Force says:

    Thank you very much. It’s so great of you to make this and share it!

  14. Khalegh says:

    Boom! Boom! Boom! :D
    I love Axel ;) :P

  15. heli.zhang says:

    your link can not be visited in beijing

  16. Irongrip says:

    Can you please provide your modified sources pre-compilation, what compiler did you use? I’d like to make a few modifications on top of your version.

    • n2j3 says:

      I don’t think I have the sources :S I used the standard gcc compiler cygwin had at the time.

  17. For those Windows users who wants to integrate “Axel Downloader” with “Google Chrome” or any other chromium based browser do the following:

    1. Install this extension (Downloaders):

    2. Now open the “options” panel for the “Downloaders” extension. Choose the “Custom” option.

    3. Put this –

    "C:\ProgramData\Axel2.4\Axel" %u --output=%u -o C:\Users\Skgus\Desktop

    in the “Custom” box.

    4. Now click “Save and Close”. You are done. Now go to any page. Right click on any download link and you will see “Axel” in the “Downloaders” context menu.

    1. You can replace the output path for the download file (i.e C:\Users\Skgus\Desktop) with any other path of your choice.


  18. For those Windows users who wants to integrate “Axel Downloader” with “Mozilla Firefox ” or any other Firefox based browser (Example: Pale Moon) do the following:

    0. Download “Axel” from here : ttp:// and extract the zip to “C:\ProgramData”.

    1. Install the “FlashGot” Addon for Firefox from here :

    2. Now open Add-on Manager:
    -> Go to "FlashGot"
    -> Options
    -> From "General" tab choose "Add"
    -> Enter the name : "Axel Download Manager"
    -> Click OK
    -> Browse to the folder where you have extracted (installed) "Axel". Choose "axel.exe". (In my case it was "C:\ProgramData\Axel2.4\axel.exe")

    3. In the "Commandline arguments template" box Enter this :

    [URL] --output=[URL] -o C:\Users\Soham\Downloads

    4. Click Ok to finish.

    Note: “C:\Users\Soham\Downloads” is the location for me where “Axel” downloads the files. You can choose any path of your choice.

    You are done. Now try downloading any file ! You will see “Axel Download Manager” is available in FlashGot menu.

    • n2j3 says:

      Thanks for the tips, CA!

    • Viswa Virinchi says:

      How do I give command line arguments like -a -n 150 …..

    • Flashgot rules!
      This is how I do it.

      -n 20 [–user-agent UA] [-o FOLDER] [URL]

      but I would love to know why I can’t pass on this:
      “–alternate -a Alternate progress indicator”
      No matter how I do -a it does not get used :-?

      Now if n2j3 could find his “sources and/or build environment” then we could use “axelrc” to make axel default to alternate progress indicator.

      @n2j3 axelrc we need it for more then one thing. So t be nice if you could find out why we can’t use axelrc?

  19. koosha says:

    Yes I’m forced to use windows right now :| with slowest connection in the world – and axel for windows is a great idea ;)

  20. ccxex says:

    What’s the default output does the axel have…??
    Having 740kB/s with Linux and 680kB/s with Windows…
    no big deal :3

  21. I link your port of axel but
    does your it use axelrc?

  22. Ok I made a axelrc file using

    I renamed it to “axelrc”
    put it in the dir that axel.exe is in: did not work
    so then I made an etc dir in the dir axel.exe is in & put the axelrc file I there & it did not work.
    Could you look over your source & see where it’s looking for the axelrc file?

    also have you ever got the –http_proxy option to work in your windows port?

    • n2j3 says:

      Dear E-Tard, i haven’t got the sources and/or the build environment handy to accommodate your request..and no, I never had the need for an axel proxy.

      I can only suggest you try the alternative location /usr/local/etc and, if you have a cygwin environment, save it as ~/.axelrc

      • Yeah none of that worked :(
        I’m just going to move on to my windows port of wget that has a config file.
        I feel axel is faster then wget.

        but with axel there are settings that can only settings from axelrc. the 2 settings I care about are: http_proxy & buffer_size.
        let me know when you fix it.

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