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What does a st0rage.org shell offer you?

  • Privacy. gpg and other programs for encrypting your private files, opt-out of appearing on our memebrs list, tunnel in and use our proxy server, or just talk to friends over a secure ssh connection using the 'talk' program. We will NEVER reveal any logs, files, or user information without a warrant (or if we believe you abused our services, or caused/attempted malicous damage).
  • Storage No hard quota, but keep it resonable for a shell (<10GB). Back up your important files without having to worry about going over the typical 100M-1G limit of most shell providers.
  • High uptime. We usually restart once every 100 days for hardware and maintainence, and keep downtime to a minimum
  • C, C++, Ruby and JAVA development tools and libraries. Need something special? Just ask!
  • Stability. Solid hardware and a business-class connection. Debian server for stability.
  • Liberal restrictions. We won't needlessly restrict access from programs and services without a good reason
  • Friendly Administration. Feel free to email or contact me for any questions, concerns, or requests you might have. I'm willing to install just about any software that will make your stay with st0rage.org easier
  • Backups. I've experienced what happens when a shell service shuts down (reactor.org). Losing your important files can be a major headache, which is why I backup data often. If st0rage.org ever goes down, you can request that I send you the contents of your home directory.

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