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Why do you no longer offer free shells?

I no longer offer free shells because far too many people abused the service. Since asking for a one time fee, I have only had one user that has tried malicious activity. It works out for you too; less downtime and better latency.

Why donate?

If you pay $5, I will give you a shell account. These accounts have resonable space limitations and allow background processes. I will also install just about any package in the Debian repos for you to use.

For some ideas of what you can do with a shell, see:

What does a st0rage.org shell account offer you? Click here.

What happens once I donate?

Log a support ticket HERE (under Help Topic - Create Account) with the Paypal transaction ID and we'll e-mail you once your account is ready.

Your account will be activated in less than a week; usually 24hours.

User Limits

If you are not familar with all these terms, please use google.
  • Storage: 10G
  • Background Processes: 150
  • CPU Time*: 500 minutes
  • Memory Limit: 1500MB
  • Max File Size: 1024000k
  • Nice value**: 5

* This is UNIX specific term; this does not mean you can only stay logged in for 500 minutes or that your programs only run for 500 minutes. This should not interfer with your daily usage; if it does it can be changed on a per-user basis.

** Your processes will have a lower priority than system processes. Users of the trusted group have a better nice value than you. Be cool and you might make it in that group.


Stop by IRC.

Server: irc.st0rage.org
Channel: #unhandledexceptions

SSH Client

Download the Win32 SSH client (putty) here.